Key Benefits Of Training The Core Muscles

Core stability refers to key muscles that are recruited from deep within the trunk area to create a firm foundation for co-ordinated movement of the arms and legs. What are these muscles and how does the use of a Vew-Do board bring these muscles into use?

The key stabilising muscles for the lower body are the Transversus Abdominis (TA), Multifidus (MF) and the Gluteals. The TA is the deep abdominal muscle that can be activated by a simple technique called "scooping." This involves pulling the lower part of your stomach "up and in." Practice "scooping" while at work and make a point of scooping during exercise to teach the TA to recruit automatically.

The MF is made up of the small muscles that are found in your back. Again, these muscles can be recruited by scooping. These small muscles act directly to resist the forces acting on the spine.

The Gluteals, situated in the buttocks, provide control and contribute to a stable base by supporting the lower back and hamstrings. They are the lower body's main power generators. Think of them as your engine for hip extension.

In order to stabilise the Vew-Do board and "find centre" the TA, MF and the gluteals are all recruited. Scooping whilst using a Vew-Do board automatically recruits and activates both the TA and the MF. These three stabiliser muscles then act by holding the spine in the neutral position, which is the correct alignment of the pelvis that allows for the natural 'S' curve of the spine.

This is the difference between good posture and bad posture:

Most importantly, this is the crucial factor in preventing back pain. Good core strength is imperative in order to prevent back problems.

Many individuals lead sedentary lives and do not pay attention to posture and the importance of strengthening the core muscles. The fitness industry is beginning to recognise the importance and benefits of core strength for all forms of physical activity. Core training sets out to improve posture and body alignment. Vew-Do boards provide the all-important balance between fun and core strength training.